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Common use ink pad printing machine problems and solutions

by:WenJie     2020-04-13
1, corrosion gravure corrosion depth is too deep. The solution: to make a moderate corrosion depth of gravure. Improper gravure type selection. Solution: try with a different kind of screen. 2, the rubber head pad printing rubber head pad printing machine is too hard. Solution: change the soft rubber pad printing head to try. Rubber pad printing head is too small. The solution: try using a larger pad printing head. Pad printing with rubber pad printing & packaging head edge. Solution: adjust the rubber pad printing printing position of the head, or USES the support effect of ideal fixture. 3, other reasons printing object fixed on shaky. The solution: fixed again. Fixture not enough stability. Solution: adjust again. 4, pad printing & packaging machine too alien substrate surface. The solution: the use of special shaped rubber pad printing head, or adjust the position of the rubber pad printing head. 5, pad printing machine ink printing ink is too thin. Solution: add some without adding diluent ink to increase the thickness of thick ink drying is slow. The solution: used some thinner drying speed is fast.
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