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Common trap processing principle, processing method

by:WenJie     2020-04-09

the principle of trap processing

implementation of trap processing also should follow certain principles, under normal circumstances is expanding paint color is not expanding, expanding light color is not dark, expanding and expanding the meaning of flat screen without expanding field. Sometimes also can be mutual expansion, special circumstances should reverse trap, even in between two adjacent color space to compensate for the overprint error, so that the print is beautiful.

in print runs to the size of the according to the characteristics of the substrates and the accuracy of the printing system. General offset printing & packaging in printing, gravure and flexo in print runs to a few bigger, generally in 0. 2 to 0. 3 mm, can according to customer or printing precision requirements.

trap method

( 1) Monochrome overprint method: add light color lines on the edge of the patch, and chose line properties as dieyin.

( 2) Synthetic method: add synthetic line on the edge of the patch, line attribute not elected dieyin.

( 3) Layered method: on different layers through the element inside shrink or extended to realize the trap.

( 4) Shifting method: by moving the box the position of the inflection point to implement internal shrinkage or expansion, commonly used in related to the gradient of trap.

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