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Color printing packing box of mildew corrosion technology

by:WenJie     2020-09-11

in the printing & packaging industry, which can be used in the production of color printing printing & packaging & packaging material type are many, although most of the material of product performance is very good, but still can't avoid mildew corrosion phenomenon, we are now following color printing & packaging packing factory to look at?

this is a kind of volatile anti-mold preservatives, using its volatile gas direct contact with microorganisms causing mold, to kill or inhibit the growth of mildew corrosion technology. Packing also known as vacuum packing, it is under the condition of the seal, the air through changing its internal composition, in order to reduce the concentration of oxygen, causing low oxygen environment to inhibit microorganism causing mold life activities and the respiration intensity of biological products, thereby achieve mildew rot. But this method, box doesn't work!

uv is the main factor of solar disinfection. But its penetration is very weak, only can kill microorganisms causing mold on the surface of the goods. In addition, contain the food of fat or protein unfavorable use ultraviolet radiation sterilization. Ultraviolet (uv) are commonly used to handle printing & packaging & packaging container and packaged non-food items.

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