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Color printing packaging why there is color difference

by:WenJie     2020-09-15

the product of manufacturer of color printing printing & packaging is can play a very important role in the transport of goods, but we are in the process of use, found that there are some problems in it, now it's time to careful look at it?

we actually in the process of selecting the ink, need to solve the problem of offset printing ink color difference on the plastic film, you need to choose with stable quality, color deviation or small offset printing ink color deviation. A variety of printing & packaging, fixed as far as possible the use of a manufacturer production of ink, printing, try to use the same manufacturer, the production of the same batch of ink. Some custom need printing color box, one-time set should more ink.

when custom box before and after the printing speed and ink drying speed is not unified, the printing speed and ink drying speed, will directly affect the printing ink on the rate, so the change of the printing speed and ink drying speed, can cause the change of prints of the ink color.

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