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Color printing packaging the text on the layout

by:WenJie     2020-09-07
Color printing & packaging packing factory products a full color printing packaging should reflect the above text has branded, goods name, type, production date, name, address and other written materials, if the word order of chaotic, it could cause consumers antipathy, therefore, color printing packing and the message on the need to typesetting: 1, sit in qi: left and right sides document according to the central axis line, on both sides of the axis arranged copywriter let nature take its course, this style of choreography is multi-purpose in color printing packaging in the position of the picture. 2, keep the tail, is commonly used in color printing packaging design a form of chronic, initials axis aligned to the left, the tail let nature take its course, this arrangement has a natural sense of rhythm. 3, around: some pictures words according to the appearance of graphical modelling factors such as surrounding the arrangement. 4, his tail not keep: color printing packaging design, according to the requirements of the picture, also often use this method. 5, neck and tail together: a method is the most common and very neat, easy to appear dull and monotonous, attention should be paid to line shoulds not be too long, lest affect reading effect. Color printing printing & packaging is for decorative products arises at the historic moment, if the words on the it looks crooked, no law, will directly affect the purchaser's interest, to make it better accepted by people, you need to in a certain order for typesetting.
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