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Color printing packaging should pay attention to what aspects

by:WenJie     2020-09-14

color printing & packaging printing & packaging & packaging, if you want to achieve the ideal color effect, will pay special attention to ink mixing. Let color printing printing & packaging manufacturer for everybody introduction of ink when allocating matters needing attention.

usually we manufacture products are need to consider every aspect of the problem, the advantage is made more products to meet people's aesthetic, in order to better ink color differentiation, is the most ideal light source uniform white light, the north window of natural light and artificial light close to natural light; Color printing printing & packaging production, the first to bring up the ink color saturation, thin type of small kind, universal coupling after confirmation is not lack of color and complementary color, with a thinner to set the desired color. In printing process, water, ink quantity control, also pay special attention to the speed and printing equipment, etc.

want to consider the influence of color printing packaging color sample the environment, to avoid color illusion, in the color discrimination should be the surrounding color cover, a single observation, color just happened.

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