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Color printing packaging several matters needing attention

by:WenJie     2020-09-13

color printing & packaging printing & packaging & packaging production, in order to achieve the ideal effect of color, ink when allocating need special attention. Through many years engaged in color printing packaging production experience, we introduce ink deployment for everyone need to be aware of when items:

confirm the mass-tone attune of color printing packaging and contain complementary hue, color ink as the basic ink, other ink as tone color, give priority to with basic ink, the color is complementary, so that the deployment of color ink is faster and more accurate. Ink color differentiation of light source, the most ideal for uniform white light, the north window, natural light and artificial light close to natural light, such as fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp using a mixture of light sources, etc. ; Color ink, the first thing to bring up the ink color saturation, thin type of small kind, universal coupling after confirmation is not lack of color and complementary color, with a thinner to set the desired color.

want to consider the influence of color printing & packaging printing & packaging color sample the environment, to avoid color illusion, in the color discrimination should be the surrounding color cover, a single observation, color just happened.

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