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Color printing packaging printing method

by:WenJie     2020-09-17

with the popularity of the wind of gifts, gift printing & packaging more and more get people's attention. Color printing & packaging printing & packaging is a kind of more popular way now, mainly adopts the following several kinds of printing way, today we will follow the color printing printing & packaging manufacturer to get to know some.

first of all, we can from the offset printing, generally used in the base material of paper printing. On the plastic film printing has many limitations. Secondly, or from the product gravure, the printing method make the ink more full and more have stereo feeling, in centralized printing methods, the printing quality is relatively good. And printed products stable quality, long service life, especially the mass printing is more suitable for using this method.

each kind of printing way has its advantages and disadvantages, we in the choice to take your belongings to be printed based on the actual situation, to choose the right means of printing, so as to make, and not wasteful.

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