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Color printing packaging printing ink deployment of knowledge

by:WenJie     2020-09-11

at the time of processing, color printing & packaging printing & packaging manufacturer is certainly require ink mixing, specific how should do, can meet the requirements?

to confirm the mass-tone attune of color printing & packaging packaging and contain complementary hue, color ink as the basic ink, as other ink color, so that the deployment of color ink is faster and more accurate. Then the light source of ink color differentiation, ideal for uniform white light, the north window, natural light and artificial light close to natural light. And adjust the color ink, to bring up the ink color saturation, thin type of small kind, universal coupling after confirmation is not lack of color and complementary color, with a thinner to set the desired color. In addition also note printing & packaging process, water and ink quantity control, speed and printing equipment, etc. , it should be printed and its regularity, to ensure product quality.

the other is to pay attention to the ink mixing to mix evenly, paper properties such as coated paper coated paper, typically with fast dry ink, ink and offset paper with resin to; And the influence of color printing packaging color sample the environment, to avoid color illusion.

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