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Color printing packaging of neutral gray balance is introduced

by:WenJie     2020-09-14

color printing packaging manufacturer told us, the working principle of the printed matter of color printing printing & packaging, namely color reduction, gradual reduction, texture reduction, resolution reduction, such as knowledge, in which the neutral gray balance in color printing printing & packaging plays an important role.

neutral gray balance to the correct copy of the original gray, at the time of plate making and printing, neutral gray balance can be as a measure of color separation plate making and printing color printing & packaging ink quantity proportion whether suitable scale to use; In addition, the neutral gray balance and color in the color printing printing & packaging place has an important relationship, background removal, greatly reduces the amount of ink on improved printing eligibility and is helpful to control when printing the neutral gray balance, and conducive to ink drying.

in addition, color printing packing factory warm reminder, in the base of color removal, must pay attention to the impression to remove general in the middle, dark tone neutral grey and nearly neutral grey area, correctly grasp the removal quantity control, good grasp of the remove control points is to remove the scope of control.

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