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Color printing color image detection method

by:WenJie     2020-04-12
Color printing image color is yellow, magenta, cyan color printing ink composite formed by different proportion. General measure to print the image color is not measure the color of the picture, but the measurement and the printing image printing & packaging quality control at the same time. Control article generally placed in the drag of the printed sheet tip. Article use measuring instruments to control the printing quality information can be obtained corresponding color piece, such as the primary color ink density field, dieyin rate, network expansion, network parameters such as density, neutral grey reduction, contrast, to determine the image order harmonic color copy. There are three kinds of color printing image measurement method, namely the density gauge measuring, colorimeter and spectrophotometer measurements. 1. Density gauge measuring density meter is the main instrument in the color separation, plate making and printing, this way of measurement has been the objective evaluation of the printing industry the most commonly used in the form of quality, density and cheap, wide application. Density gauge measuring color surface, can only get relative amounts of a primary color ink in print, it cannot be measured indicator color hue. Density gauge measuring values are not associated with all sorts of color table system, so can't use colour language describing the color to be tested. In color measurement and evaluation, densimeter has certain limitations, it is not a standard color measuring instrument. 2. Colorimeter colored measurement meter is directly measured on the surface of a color was measured with three color stimulus values of X, Y, Z is proportional to the visual response, through the conversion of color to be measured X, Y, Z values, and these values can be converted into other color parameters of the uniform color space. Colorimeter is a kind of broadband filter with three pieces of special densitometer. Because the instrument itself device and principle of thick in certain error, the absolute accuracy of color measurement is bad. But because of its cheap, is still widely used color measurement instrument. 3. Spectrophotometer ( Spectrum spectrophotometer) Color measurement spectrophotometer to measure color of surface reflectivity of each wavelength of light in the visible light spectrum. The visible spectrum of light in a certain interval ( 5 nm, 10 nm, 20海里) Light color surface, and then point reflectivity measurement. Each wavelength of light reflectance and the relationship between the wavelength of tracing points can be obtained by measuring color on the surface of the spectral curve. Each spectral curve only to express a kind of color. Also measured values can be converted into other color table system value. Spectrophotometer is a flexible, ideal color measurement instrument. At present, foreign some print color printing machine equipped with the quality inspection of color measurement instrument is to use spectrophotometer. Method to control the printing color quality in the production of printing, paper, ink and plate printing image quality constraints. When these factors is set, image replication on the printing machine production, how to control the quality of printing image color? 1. According to the upper production situation, adjust the printing pressure according to the replication of printing image quality requirements, paper thickness, plate condition such as printing pressure adjustment, the image points to get the best. 2. Reasonable arrangement of color sequence at present, many commonly used color printing ink, green, magenta and yellow sequence or green, magenta, yellow and black. This makes it easier for color copy color series precision. Used in ink layer thickness from small to large, such as offset printing sequence, black, green, magenta and yellow ink layer thickness, respectively is: black ink is 0. 8μ M, green ink is 0. 9μ To 1 m, magenta ink. 0μ M, yellow ink was taken as 1. 1μ m; Ink viscosity by order, such as black ink 1188 pa, green ink 488 pa, magenta ink is 477 pa, yellow ink is 147 pa. Ink viscosity can not meet the requirement of the arrangement, can be adjusted to the ink viscosity in advance. 3. Calibration printer adjust printer according to proofing and established printing conditions make the printing image effect is consistent with the printed sheet.
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