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Color printing carton production to pay attention to the problem

by:WenJie     2020-09-12

color printing & packaging packing factory manufacturing products that can be used in many industries, especially in the area of logistics delivery and moving, it is more frequently and widely applied. Now it's time to carefully to understand this knowledge introduction?

the carton material and the compressive strength of the relationship. Customized carton when using different material will directly affect the quality of the cartons, so comprehensive product use should consider when select material if it has reasonable compressive strength. Carton is composed of different levels of paper, paper reasonable collocation is the guarantee of the basic conditions of carton compressive strength. Through the paper physical properties of different levels of the test, we can preliminary calculation carton compressive strength, then calculate the compressive strength, the production process of carton compressive strength of various process control.

custom carton should consider using the environment, carton production environment, storage environment, using the environment, weather, climate and other factors will affect water content of the cartons, should try to avoid the influence of external environment on the carton water content, so as not to cause the cartons deformation.

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