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Color box pasting a problem solution

by:WenJie     2020-04-12
Color box pasting walking will cause the surface glue, dirt, and the problem of die cutting away a is pasting process one of the most difficult problem to control. ( 1) When onlay color printing & packaging glossy paper thin and has curly cases, the speed of the machine not to drive too fast. Outfit the paper and corrugated board, they control relative to the location of the alignment, lest appear because the paper positioning bias error, produce lateral onlay is not allowed. Machine of the upper and lower chain schedule without alignment, there exist deviations in position before and after; Pile of paper machine paper spacing device did not rely on tight paper edge, make paper around pile up, and when the paper was no cardboard will crimp soft gentle will board cut neatly, etc. , can also cause paper and corrugated board onlay location error. ( 2) Machine feeding and positioning adjustment or maintain undeserved, also easy to cause surface paper and corrugated board onlay appear error. A, paper chain institutions there is loose phenomenon, make the up/down the chain work inconsistent or unstable; B, on the up/down the chain of former rules become loose, make the paper on the paper edge when crash phenomenon; C, press paper article plate across the contact position discomfort or gap is too big, not have the effect of slow cardboard high-speed motion inertia momentum; D, not often clean up/down rolling roller accumulated a certain amount of adhesive solution, retarding the glossy paper or synchronous rolling transport of the corrugated cardboard. ( 3) Machine/rolling roller clearance under the discomfort and feed paperboard onlay error caused by the poor when the upper and lower roll roll gap is unwell, the corrugated board after onlay after upper and lower pressure roller, make a shift between the surface paper and corrugated paper. If the surface paper conveying abnormal appear empty or skewed phenomenon, is likely to cause bubbles, come unglued ( Conveyor belt between the cardboard bit length is differ, caused by uneven pressure paper) No quality faults and onlay.
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