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Color box packaging printing need to note those problems?

by:WenJie     2020-04-12
Color box printing & packaging & packaging and printing products often appear in producing color restore problems, such as neutral grey colour cast, and then influence the quality of our products and that in addition to the equipment itself, from personnel to the problems existing in the skill level, a key question is the color of the enterprise can't effectively management and rational use of ink. Color management is people's sense of the color, the purpose is to make finish out in the process of the image copy color conversion between, in order to guarantee from input to output shown in the image color appearance can match, finally arrived in original and copies of the same color. Image copy need to experience the image acquisition, freedom of processing, color, printing & packaging, such as multiple stages, in each stage, color information will be in accordance with the equipment they use color then things and color features for display. Not scan and display devices to agree a manuscript can have not the color of the display. Other, using the RGB trichromatic color display screen with four color color printing ink color expression ability, and is used to convert RGB data to CMYK also lack consistency, use paper and ink, the print is different also. Therefore, through the color management skill is necessary to produce all kinds of equipment in the system and on the medium color restore abstinence.
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