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Color box packaging printing color is important?

by:WenJie     2020-09-04

color box printing & packaging color design, is attached to the graphics, text, and muscle, requires not only beautiful, generous, meet people's aesthetic requirements, and shall be coordinated with people's psychological feeling highly printing & packaging technology. Color box printing & packaging printing color design mainly from the following several aspects to consider printing market.

color is picture color configuration with the general tendency, the general appeal, is a set of the main color of color, and dominant in the full screen printing technology. requirements shelves at a distance from the moment of visually highlight, convey commodity information, which requires the whole feels extremely strong tone to match the printing market. As a result, the color of the color box packaging design key, is tonal design equipment consumables. Color design requirements with the main functions of the products, such as the appropriate gift packaging with red tone, cold drink appropriate packaging with cold tone printing technology. Tonal design requirements with The Times, with different regions, different ethnic groups to colorific xi cream unifies, to adapt to this change, adapt to the trend of The Times, such as islamic parish like green avoid is used a yellow; Tibetan is distinguished with white color and avoid is used a pale yellow, green, Manchu people love yellow, purple, red, blue and cream with white and other supplies. Color design should fully consider the traditional habits, to make our products popular, for export goods, packaging design can only respect the custom of other countries or other countries' national printing market.

on twelve hue circle, two similar color is called harmonic color printing & packaging tools. Color harmony to implicative, rich, elegant, pleasant, comfortable feeling of printing. Main harmonic method: the same color is to point to the same color and brightness with different colors, such as light green, with the fresh green, dark green or pale red red, deep red with printing. Approximate tonal and refers to the different colors contain common elements, such as orange, and scarlet, yellow with yellow, cooperate together to coordinated printing technology.

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