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Color box manufacturers custom colors and pay attention to the overall and needs

by:WenJie     2020-08-30

in skin care products packaging, color box manufacturer of custom for box printing & packaging color choice is very important, for example, the extraction of green plant essence to make most will adopt green natural skin care products printing & packaging & packaging color design. Flower extract skin care product is white, pink, and pink violet, blue, and so on. Of course honey extract made skin care products have yellow, gold and other elements.

color box of current used in skin care products sales to the common custom printing & packaging. Compared with the general cartons, color box custom more quality and beautiful. A beautiful appearance is can quickly attract the attention of consumers. Of course, if your skin care products on the packaging use improper choice of colours can also cause the opposite effect. Abandon as soon as I saw the packing. This is not joking. Still have a real case.

use of color in packaging design is one of the important factors, it's about to whether our products can stand out in a wide range of products. How to choose a better? At present most of the cosmetics packaging color choices are inside the bottle color corresponds to. This is in order to the consistency of packaging. The overall unity of vision can let a person feel real. Color box can custom manufacturer in the designer will consider how to visually display the external characteristics of products, make use of people to know what this is, what is the purpose, will have what effect after use, and how to use and so on. To increase the trust and product sales. If you can't do this, for our sales promotion is difficult to achieve.

packing more common brand protect skin to taste with mass-tone attune with rose, with the, light green, shallow blue, dark brown, and so on. Highlight the sweet elegance. General use brand skin care consumers are all love beautiful women, is very pay attention to the external, then design to suit their preferences. If attention to new fashion trends and entertainment. You will find a lot of different design inspiration can directly reflect on our color box custom packaging. Used for the depth of the color, the color and contrast, contrast is need to accumulate through long-term experience to do it with ease. So you need to learn and improve. 30 people design team in the packaging industry in the depth of mining customer needs, has more than 10 years experience in exclusive printing & packaging & packaging designers charge for your creation, color box packaging is powerful and quality custom manufacturers. Welcome related business consulting custom hotline: 13530686081

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