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Color box custom manufacturers how to make a safe packing?

by:WenJie     2020-09-02

color box manufacturer of custom product quality judgment, cutting and sticky box hidden in the corner, there is a focus point of, that is the bottom of the joint leakage. General four corners or edges in the bottom of the box is difficult to notice that the joint degree will influence on the performance of the loading of the product leak proof. Some small products, for example, if you don't have an inner printing & packaging & packaging or lining protection, so in the sticky box not firm or cutting not neat, appear fine seam so accessories card may appear at the edge of the box or from the box at the bottom of the drop. This kind of problem in the transport of express common commonly. Currently existing bao force sorting we express transportation, lifting objects may be arbitrary and conventional logistics Courier may appear a little or lost. So a good color box printing & packaging & packaging is more important. This problem directly about our product printing & packaging & packaging is safe. Color box custom manufacturers how to make a safe packing? Reduce our products fell omissions, avoid more after-sale replacement and customer complaints.

the stand or fall of color box packaging product quality custom manufacturer, neat cutting degree and whether our equipment and the operating equipment master relevant professional and related to our selection. Paper in different materials have different ways of cutting force and the only familiar with the work of the master materials and cutting more understanding. Generally adopts high precision cutting equipment production of paper material quality is better. Sticky box is rigid, which plays a key role is the glue quality and sticky box. If use the color box of ordinary glue can't be reached a high level of protection level of transportation. Therefore, color box is most directly from the custom manufacturer brand glue factory direct purchase, set up long-term cooperation supply, quality stable and secure. Also some glue factory is his own configuration, of course, their configuration if not professional quality is not stable.

no matter what circumstances, the quality of our color box custom to avoid cutting and degumming of discrepancies in the above several factors should try to be tightly controlled.

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