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Color box custom manufacturer: 'put up the shutters boom industry reshuffle caused?

by:WenJie     2020-09-01

sales model change is a big change, after the disease since the online sales open a wave of retail stores closed, since the change of the 2020 outbreak prompted industries second wave & other; The shutters tide & throughout; , color box custom manufacturer small make up understanding according to foreign news, the 18 apple stores to shut down, according to foreign media reports on June 25, apple closed in Houston again seven retail stores, this news caused the attention of the masses. Mobile phone industry, apple's closed, may encourage digital communications industry growing development of other brands. 第一, The line brand has a reshuffle. On whether the mobile phone industry has a new rank? We are very concerned.

printing & packaging & packaging color box has been undertaking First - custom manufacturer The line brand mobile phone color box custom services. Is clear is that apple is very popular with the mobile phone enthusiasts, the strong and stable performance to keep their new phone prices in more than 5000, Chinese fans is also quite a lot. Under the background of the earth of the economic depression, whether apple can maintain industry leading position, hold up, what are the chances of is still unknown. For we are many netizens message support domestic, apple calls is not high. In fact this shop tide message, cause the attention of the common. The emergence of a treasure from us, the rise of online stores, make entity closed shop retail business major blow, since there are a series of online brand copy/and so on caused by wind and put up the shutters. For example, some time ago Zara.

for intelligent electronic products, digital communications products has the possibility of product competition and change a lot, from the industry reshuffle may also be very high. Color box custom manufacturer online product price transparency let small make up according to mobile phone store it's difficult to sell products, plus now product competition more intense than the physical store, start is close to the wholesale price, some even with cheaper cost than entity shop, this also prompted the store closures. On the other hand, the high rent, operating costs higher physical stores on price competition become very hurt. This also indirectly led to some industry brand product sales and market share change constantly, this will may aggravate industry reshuffle.

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