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Color box custom manufacturer about the price of beautiful and practical, and discussion

by:WenJie     2020-08-31

we often say that after 80 people pay more attention to is practical, for itself does not have obvious practical is rarely to buy things, so for 90, 00 after people, beautiful and practical need to possess, or rather, in addition to the practical aesthetics is also an important factor, is even more beautiful than practical. So for color box printing & packaging industry custom manufacturer made of new materials and new technology is not only act, more is on the basis of aesthetics by new process to reduce our production costs, based on constant innovation in practical application, at the same time maintain indicates rate.

color box along with the development of the era, custom manufacturer printing & packaging & packaging also follow the change, more and more focused on consumer communication, on the basis of the original packaging function, giving a more interactive experience. The good development is brought about by the consumer recognition of brands and products of good impression. In some foreign product is doing very well on the package. Of course we are concerned about there is a problem, since rose beautiful look and feel, it is not means that has improved our packing price?

this is not certain, our design is based on user demand, the price is more a consideration of material, process, and so on related cost calculation, on the new process is basically as long as it is able to mass production unit price is favorable, process complexity is also a factor, the new material, this will go to combined, according to the actual market price for the packaging we have our own investment source of paper, so the price will be lower than the same quality. Most people know that food packaging in the product price will increase because of packaging, packaging is the row of goods, but after all, we don't buy products because of the packaging, because product for us to have a need, therefore, suggest that we find the appropriate color box custom manufacturers to negotiate, on the price to be strict with quality guaranteed. In order to reach a value, not only ensure beautiful price is reasonable.

of course, to strictly control the packaging color box custom manufacturer of every working procedure, to ensure product safety, to avoid the occurrence of serious inflated prices. Gift box packaging, on the color box to customize the price won't prices artificially high, can't keep the goods too expensive. We used to say, to coordinate, it's not about to rise in the price with the packing but worth to match to the better packaging of our products.

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