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Color box custom-made manufacturers prefer to use uv ink reason?

by:WenJie     2020-09-05

color box customized printing & packaging printing factory to assist customers. They love in offset printing & packaging, gravure printing and flexo printing application of uv ink. It is based on the quality characteristics of uv ink, highly praise of printing & packaging and printing.

printing quality stability is one of the advantages. General uv ink usage is small, but the ink is mellow, even, also has a high gloss. Thin ink particles, high concentration, which makes it have a relatively stable printing physical properties, the resistance to fall off, waterproof, heat-resistant aspects are better than ordinary ink.

uv ink should not be used organic solvent, in the packaging and printing process is hardly air pollutants caused by the natural environment, and thus have the advantage of ecological environment protection, more healthy, safety. Color box customized manufacturer in unavailable, workshop environment is relatively better. Uv ink because joined the uv reactant, after uv light can be dry, surface smooth and save time. So that can do more in a short time to live, reduces the time cost.

brand custom printing and printing & packaging products using this ink writing more clearly, on the drying time, uv ink drying speed faster than general ink - 2 Three times as much, if not after ordinary ink printing spray drying powder, so the ink on the paper could be glued together. Makes print out. master for their production of packaging products scrap rate is very care about. The lower the rejection rate, the higher printing & packaging craft, this is to own a recognition and a sense of achievement.

then made some color box manufacturer customers will be asked if the uv ink has many advantages, why not use? , of course, is very good, but the relative price is high also, in offset printing, uv ink price is average 2 - Three times. This is why brand clients are uv ink, and general surface printing with ordinary ink.

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