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Color box color box customized production comply with environmental regulations?

by:WenJie     2020-09-04

the color box color box customized production equipment, production technology and raw materials are in line with the green environmental protection production rules. At present, we use environmental protection paper for printing material and Germany imported printing & packaging equipment for production, using uv ink in the printing process, almost no pollution in the production process. So our enterprise has been rated as high-tech enterprises, green packaging and printing & packaging technology and research center.

said & other; Green printing & packaging & packaging & throughout; The pollution of the subject of environmental protection packaging, plastic printing & packaging and wood, paper, metal packaging are issues such as sustainable development, has always been our sorrow to be solved, also is the inevitable problems. production technique and technology lag makes more rugged green development path.

if the color box color box customized production raw material quality standard is low, so in the process of production will be widespread high efficiency, low energy consumption and material problems. Again such as backward paper plastic mold manufacturing, therefore is not only a single brand, sustained cost high, and often appear quality problem, such as products against the tide, cushioning performance is poor, cannot afford many times fall or collision, etc. At the same time, it is difficult to make out the large plane, the depth of high products, to a large extent restricted the application of paper-plastic products and healthy development of the product.

the color box color box custom manufacturers to move forward, on the way of environmental protection and sustainable development, then on the production of the link should be given to improve standards on raw materials at the same time to green paper support and use environmental protection material. Through the study of relevant technical personnel and technology to achieve our research and development of green environmental protection in the whole production process. In addition to apply for the environmental protection certification, by the environmental protection department supervision is also a practical way of green development management guarantee. Such as to ensure the color box color box custom manufacturer always adhere to the environmental protection green production for 50 years, has repeatedly ShenXu FSC forest management certification successfully. We are under the supervision of relevant departments will be green environmental protection and sustainable development.

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