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Color bags is faulty

by:WenJie     2020-09-11

the product of manufacturer of color printing & packaging printing & packaging in life can bring convenience to our life, we usually use it to guangdong some articles for daily use, if there is a different flavor, will affect our use. That caused it to appear smell what reason be? What should we do?

bags smell mainly have two aspects, one is to use the unqualified materials production and processing, to produce a product itself with different flavor. And such products are usually cannot be used in food industry, etc. And choose the printing & packaging ink, using large table printing ink smell. Don't use high boiling point solvents, containing impurities such as tar, benzene, mixed benzene, recycled solvent, these will produce peculiar smell, when we make will also affect our health and safety, don't continue to use such products.

of course, if it is just the packing bag of production after the completion of the smell is normal, if the smell is normal plastic and ink taste, at this time we just put it in ventilated place odor will disappear in a few days.

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