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Clean development of CTP plate machine maintenance steps show slot

by:WenJie     2020-04-20
1. Liquid discharge from the tank after shutdown. 2. Remove all rubber roller within the machine. 3. Will developing slot into the warm water, add the right amount of detergent. 4. Start the machine in standby mode. 5. Cut out a piece of plate, put into the sensor, the startup developer circulatory system, let the water into the circulation line, will remain in solution crystallization or dilution of clean in the pipeline, running about 15 minutes. 6. The developer added barrels into the warm water, press the shortcut keys on the operation panel, make-up pump running 50 seconds, will supplement water suction pipe and make-up pump, supplemented by cleaning pipe and pump. 7. Will glue fluid added barrels into the warm water, make-up pump running, the water, in the suction supplement tube and the pump to supplement tube and the cleaning pump. 8. Machine after 15 minutes, turn off the machine, and the water discharge development trough, in the thorough cleaning development. 9. Development of the tank in water, then start the machine, repeat the above steps, each operation for 5 minutes, repeat three times, the identified development developer residue in the system. 10. The rubber roller coated with lubricating oil again after rub-up. 11. Back on the rubber roller, add new potion. Note: due to add the CTP plate machine air compressor, regularly check on below the equipment cooling system of tank water shortage, please fill if water shortage.
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