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Cigarette use rules bar code enabled

by:WenJie     2020-03-29
Domestic production of cigarettes, Including the (domestic and export cigarettes) The box printing & packaging & packaging, the box printing & packaging & packaging and a small box printing & packaging & packaging must be printed ( Or paste, etc. ) Conform to the requirements of the bar code identification, and satisfies the requirement of uniqueness, stability and identification. Country in order to further standardize the use of cigarettes bar code and ensure the accuracy of the cigarette manufacturing, sales, information statistics, established the cigarette use rules bar code ( Trial) 。 Notice, points out that using cigarette barcode specification is cigarette production, circulation and gathering of information transfer must have the basic conditions. Country has reference cigarettes as cigarette product code, bar code industry informatization construction, especially in cigarette production management decision-making management system throughout the &; Collect the relevant data of important technical means.
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