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Carton printing whole around a cause analysis

by:WenJie     2020-04-16

carton printing machine printing & packaging quality, people usually understood as two aspects. On the one hand is the sharpness of the printing, including color depth is consistent, pattern without adhesion, no ghosting, no hole. On the other hand is a multicolor printing overprint precision, should be in commonly & plusmn; Within 1 mm, and reach a good printer & plusmn; 0. 5 mm & even plusmn; 0. Within 3 mm. In fact there is a very important kind - quality indicators - - - - - - as a whole and which a few kinds of color accurater, but do not agree with the reference edge on a cardboard spacing, the error is bigger. For general cartons the quality indicator is relaxed, easy to be ignored by people. Go the whole bit error more than 3 mm or 5 mm, problem is more serious.

chain feed or automatic feed ( After pushing paper or the front paper) , printing as a whole to walk a reference edge is vertical, and cardboard conveying direction for another direction ( Cardboard conveying direction) Is not easy to produce the whole walk ( Unless the board ran diagonal) 。 This article will analyse the way pushing paper after the automatic paper printing machine printing as a whole a reason.

the automatic paper printer cardboard conveying by pushing cardboard will code before the picture on the bottom of the board to send to the conveyor roller, up and down and up and down by conveying roller and sent to the printing & packaging department, repeat the automatic paper is completed. Analysis of cardboard conveying process can help us find printing overall a reason.

1。 In the process of pushing paper, push board of transmission chain must not have the accumulation of large gaps.

the automatic paper printing press push board for reciprocating linear motion. The vast majority of manufacturers is the crank ( Block 1 rocker slider mechanism guide mechanism. In order to make the light, wear and tear is small, the crank slide block is slider bearing guide bar mechanism. Caused by too much bearing the clearance between the two boards and uncertainty of push board movement, resulting in a paper error, cause printing go a whole. So how to ensure that the pure rolling bearing in the guide bar two skateboard intercropping, and bearing with two sliders have bigger gap is the key. With double bearing structure, regardless of the bearing along the slide or move up, move down the bearing can be sure in two skateboard intercropping of pure rolling without clearance, so as to make the body is light wear small and can eliminate the gap.

guide rod and rocker shaft joint for stress is caused by alternating load is loose, also produce clearance causes of push board push paper error. Push paperboard transmission chain in other institutions even gear transmission, to improve gear processing precision ( If use gear grinding, gear honing) , improve the precision of center distance of gear ( If use machining center wallboard) , reduce the transmission of cumulative gap and improve the accuracy of push board push paper, thereby reducing the overall walk of cardboard printing.

2。 Push board to push the cardboard into the upper and lower feed roller, is actually a cardboard speed by push paperboard linear velocity promoted to upper and lower feed roller speed for the linear velocity of a transient process.

this instantaneous push paperboard linear velocity must be smaller than the top and bottom feed rollers linear velocity ( Otherwise, the board will be push curved arch) 。 And how much small, both speed is the ratio of the matching relation between

important. Directly affect the cardboard speed instantly whether skid, paper is accurate, thus affect the whole walk a printing. And this is precisely the printer manufacturer notice.

under the condition of invariable speed on the main line of upper and lower feed roller speed is a constant value, and push paperboard linear velocity is a variable, from zero to forward to the biggest limit position after former limit position of zero, once upon a time limit position of zero to reverse to the biggest limit position of zero, and form a circle.

of course, the influence of cardboard printing whole factors such as the degree of curvature of the cardboard, cardboard surface roughness, the cardboard and the water content of the upper and lower feed roller clearance is appropriate, but the factors above is mainly manifested in two aspects of the equipment.

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