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Carton printing often appears the problem solution

by:WenJie     2020-09-12

carton printing & packaging often appear heavy form, blur, distort and font misregister phenomenon appears, the following will research into the cause of the above problems and solutions to them one by one, now we are following the cardboard-box factory in shenzhen to look at?

if improper adjustment carton printing process, tend to generate print has a heavy form, cause this kind of phenomenon is mainly caused by vibration or machine speed instability; Another causes and ink roller pressure also has a lot to do, solve this phenomenon we commonly used method is in the ink roller pressure to best before production, uniform boot boot in production, and the equipment should be no boot, in spite of illness for font distort overprint not rule depends entirely on operating personnel to the adjustment of the equipment are to achieve the best condition, and is associated with the proficiency of the operator.

nowadays because there are strict requirements of product printing & packaging & packaging GeChang agent, such as carton confined have high requirements for the cartons, this requires printing & packaging production process will strictly control the paper roll gap pressure and avoid stress result in the thickness of the cardboard is damaged.

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