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Carton printing enterprise to improve the rate of water-based ink dieyin several simple measures

by:WenJie     2020-04-17

now many carton printing enterprise use most of the printing press for multiple colors water-based printing slotting machine, often encountered dieyin rate is not high. After the color of color before can't completely cover, appeared pitting phenomenon, the serious influence to the printing effect, causing the waste board. For the printing area of the field, this phenomenon is especially obvious. How to improve the water-based ink dieyin rate? A simple study on the following.

the first color ink to speed up the drying speed on substrates

1) Use four-color printing & packaging slotting machine, two need to fold a color ink set respectively in the group of the first color and the last one, so that we can appropriately increase the first color layer drying time, beneficial to the improvement of the reference rate.

2) As far as possible when the first color printing using quick dry ink, so that we can speed up the first color ink penetration and fixation. Of course not dry quickly, otherwise the ink on the article roller was already dry, affect the ink transfer.

3) Pay attention to arrange printing color sequence, as far as possible the graphic area is lesser color printing first, graphic print after the color of the larger area. The advantage is the first color printing graphic area is lesser, dry up relatively faster, is advantageous to the ink dieyin; At the same time because of the graphic area is small, can also reduce the cardboard in the process of passing after a few color group of smearing ink layer.

4) In color saturation under the premise of meet the requirements, as far as possible to reduce the color ink layer thickness, is conducive to the first color is dry, but also can improve the printing ink dieyin rate.

to adjust the relationship between the two kinds of printing ink viscosity of liquidity and

although water-based ink soluble in water, in order to reduce the ink saturation when printing or increase their liquidity can use water to dilute, but diluted is not the best way. For the bright color for the carton printing to best use a stabilizer to dodge ink color, which is beneficial to ink drying, at the same time, the auxiliary agent can improve the gloss of ink layer. And diluted with water, when the ink adhesion on the cardboard can't instant dry, must have a dry time, it will lower the cardboard marginal pressure strength and compressive strength.

in addition, adjust the color and the color of the viscosity of the relationship. For multi-color printing, the first color due to lower viscosity of water-based ink, so that at the same time to improve the appropriate color ink viscosity increase dieyin rate.

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