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Carton printing die cutting machine common troubleshooting methods

by:WenJie     2020-04-01
A, die-cutting indentation critical line & throughout; And wiring & throughout; Main reason: die cutting indentation pressure, more than the limit of the paper fiber, led to the paper fiber fracture or part of the fracture, this situation is called. Dark lines refers to the die-cutting and creasing steel wire choice not appropriate, die-cutting pressure caused by the improper adjustment, cause of poor paper quality. Solution: choose the appropriate die cutting, adjust the appropriate pressure. A better approach is to reduce the height of the indentation steel wire. Case 2, die cutting burr and dusting the main reason: in the model fit, of gaskets, die-cutting creasing steel wire tension on paper, when the paper was not completely cut through is pulled, the pull force caused by burrs generated. Solution: according to the paper to choose a different die cutting knife. In order to avoid the die cutting burr, straight grain knife is better than horizontal stripes knife. Three, die-cutting precision is not high, the main reason is: the reason of die-cutting precision is not high has die cutting version of itself, also has a print. If is hand-made die cutting die cutting error is large. Die cutting indentation and printing & packaging process of the working environment can cause different paper distortion, so that the die cutting indentation location is not accurate. Solution: choose cash die cutting plate making process, referred to the accuracy of die cutting plate. Try to ensure that in the process of the die cutting indentation and printing & packaging in the same environment. Avoid caused by different die cutting is not allowed.
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