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Carton printing commonly used three kinds of printing process characteristic analysis

by:WenJie     2020-04-16

carton products commonly used printing process, mainly has offset printing, embossed, Flexo) And gravure three process. These three printed form each have their own advantages, so, according to the actual situation of the factory and the characteristics of products, fully weigh the pros and cons, choose the appropriate printing production process, to better printing production to reduce costs, improve the printing production efficiency and product quality.

1。 Offset printing process

have multicolor offset printing process, multi-functional set of web and tablet of paper machine, the former production speed is high, can be suitable for printing production batch is larger, the structure of the product relatively fixed printed cartons, paper surface after printing on corrugated board production line of corrugated board directly in the onlay glue. The printing speed can reach about 10000 copies per hour, suitable for medium and small batch production of printing of carton products, paper printing specifications can be flexible. Flat sheet of corrugated paper board machine also can print directly, its overprint precision is also higher than the former one, the quality is relatively stable. Offset printing technology of thin layer is suitable for printing ink dieyin or overprint of fine lines and multicolor checkered print edition, with branches high resolution, layout of printing rich layers, order a clear demarcation between the adjustable, tonal and downy, print reproduce the effect is good, plate making convenient, quick, plate, the school edition, easy to operate and plate making low cost production advantages, is widely used for color printed carton paper printing.

2。 Gravure process

intaglio printing process are web and tablet of paper printing, color group and the function also has a variety of models, the printing plate printing resistant rate is higher, fast printing speed, etc. The thick because gravure ink, printing ink full and rich stereo feeling, layout of printing layers rich, simple sense is strong, the printing ink dry faster, so suitable for large area, the amount of ink thickness of printing products. Intaglio printing process can be suitable for offset printing, color lines, and printing fine version checker, compared to offset printing, flexo printing or screen printing process, the process are least likely to produce printing color difference, the cartons printing product quality is the most stable and optimal. Is due to the gravure plate steel roll material processing technology such as electroplating, electric carving processing, the plate making process is complicated, plate-making materials and also more expensive, and in version of the operation is more troublesome, so, particularly suitable for a large batch of printed carton printing production, can better reduce the production cost.

3。 Flexible printing process

flexographic printing paper rolls and sheet multicolor printing machine, among them, the tablet press printed version of printing paper surface, and to direct printing of corrugated board, and can be done online slitting, creasing, slotting unit. Flexographic printing process is compatible with the advantages of letterpress, offset and gravure printing process, because of the flexible printing plate, printing pressure is much lighter than other process, the light in a printing pressure and printing mose, mark clear, the main characteristics of plate printing resistance rate is high. The process as well as the printing surface gloss good cardboard, cardboard and printing surface roughness; As well as printing the absorption material, absorbent strong cardboard and printing & packaging; Can not only printed tissue paper, also can print paper; Both version checker, suitable for printing fine line, but also suitable for printing color version of lines or the ground. Flexographic printing plates with resin and rubber editions, rubber version of the main material is natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The plate making manual sculpture, laser engraving three and casting. It should be paid attention to when using rubber version, printing eligibility, such as from the rubber of the ink, the ink and reproducibility, covering force into consideration, the use of water-based ink printing, use the natural rubber plate is better than synthetic rubber plate.

butyl rubber plate is more suitable for the use of solvent-based inks. When using the nitrile rubber plate should avoid using solvent ink, in order to prevent the plate by solvent corrosion damage. Rubber version also has the disadvantages of easy to deformation and crack, therefore, is not suitable for printing fine products. And photosensitive resin version of the plate making process is simple, its process faster than manual sculpture and casting rubber version is much faster, plate is easy to operate, plate and ink performance is good, print quality is stable. The version of the material has good tolerance and can reproduce a more elaborate highlights node level, can reproduce more than 2% of all branches and printing line checker version 150. Solid resin version of the expansion rate than rubber and liquid resin version is much smaller, so it is suitable for the production of multi-color overprint version checker and lines. However, solid resin version of the price is more expensive, the production cost is relatively high. So, more suitable for printing large printing & packaging products.

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