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Carton printing common quality problems and solutions

by:WenJie     2020-04-16
Cartons are some of the outer packing goods, have a great attraction for consumers, then the cartons printing & packaging quality cannot be ignored, this small make up to introduce some common problems and solutions in carton printing. 1, machine stamping associated parts caused by poor quality fault when the plate roller shaft head, embossing roller, shaft, gear, and that is associated with stamping of the important parts in wear, loosing, plate roll in the process of stamping or embossing roller can produce beats or sliding phenomena, so because of the pressure is not stable, the printed page contact with cardboard, cardboard printing surface caused by paste version or local graphic imprinting is not clear. Through careful observation and analysis, find out the fault exactly, take appropriate measures for processing, to wear, loose parts repair and eliminate the phenomenon of failure. 2, pressure roller to improper adjustment if the quality of the fault position of roller pressure too high or too low, so that contact with corrugated board too tight or too loose, also can appear dirty version, paste version or local graphic imprinting is not clear, should be adjusted pressure roller to the right position, make the pressure between the roller and the roller gap and the thickness of the cardboard, to ensure that the print surface parts, to avoid the failure phenomenon. 3, ink forme roller quality failure caused by bad when ink forme roller head is loose, the ink forme roller roller body bending, deformation or surface damage, can also cause the layout and dirty, paste version or local graphic is not clear. Should find out the reason, adopt corresponding measures to deal with, keep inked between roller and plate, the condition of uniform and appropriate contact to ink forme roller to replace the damage, to eliminate the phenomenon of failure. 4, corrugated board thickness caused by uneven quality fault if the shape of the surface of the corrugated board was to destroy the traces of the sag, the concave part of the paper will appear imprinting is not clear quality defects, if the fully increasing offset printing pressure, easy to make the text, line layout problems on the quality of the paste. In order to avoid the layout of the paste, corrugated board in stacking and handling process, should pay attention to light moved, light, light pressure ( To control the stacking height) , avoid by all means is used to throw, hit, pressure and other bad habits for handling. 5, plate thickness caused by uneven quality fault when the rubber plate thickness uneven, plate will appear layout is poor. Layout high place would be easy to paste version, layout of low place is prone to lis is not complete, causing imprinting is not clear, to avoid the bad situation, can adopt the way of sporadic plate making, will be made into several small pieces of plate, should use the same piece of plate making, so that its thickness difference is small. If you have good rubber version, there is thickness difference, can be in local slants thin layer plate more sticky tape on the back cover, to keep the whole plate thickness of basic consistent, ensure the printing pressure and layout in uniform. 6, the quality of the color sequence to improper failure if the page is full of graphic arrangement in the first group color printing, when corrugated board into the next color group of institutions in the process of printing & packaging, because the first color cardboard printing graphic set of large amount of inking and drying speed is slow, very easy to make imprinted transfer cause dirty pages. To prevent this disease, should be the small area of the layout in the first printing color group, the large area of the layout in the subsequent color printing group, can avoid imprinted transfer dirty version phenomenon.
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