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Carton printing blocks of flexo resin version of the store management

by:WenJie     2020-04-01

the corrugated carton printing & packaging edition, with flexible version as first choice. Flexo has incomparable advantage over other kinds printing method, have outstanding environmental protection characteristics, but these advantages and characteristics must reflect on the product, must print out the high quality product, the user can be recognized and accepted, flexo will have development. Therefore, how to purchase and use of flexo is every cardboard-box factory are faced with the problem.

cardboard-box factory demand for soft plate is divided into two kinds, one is entrusted to plate making business outside the factory completed version; One is to plate making factory has plate-making equipment, but no matter how to understand thoroughly soft plate was first?

the cartons printed with soft plate is thinner, thickness from 1. 7毫米~ 2。 84 mm, the hardness of A level 50 o xiao, the current domestic is not popular, few factory use. After the carton printing & packaging with soft plate thicker, thickness from 3. 94mm~7. 00 mm, hardness of grade A xiao 30 ~ 45 o, o most cardboard-box factory are currently using, and to the thickness of 3. 94 mm for the mainstream.

for plate, proper storage and management is very important. Below is 'version, the whole box of plate materials and finished products only briefly introduce flexo in storage and management.

a, plate making, in the factory for basic plate processing rules are as follows:

1, unexposed plate pieces in printing & packaging box, with a black plastic bag pieces completed cannot be in the uneven contact surface in pieces before the film exposure, can only after its surface slice pieces, if excessive bending, will wrinkle the protective layer, these wrinkles after exposure of plate making, leave a stain

2, have already been plate: be careful processing, with a piece of cardboard cushion below the pieces bending with surface protection chip light cover above the original

3 pieces, wash after version of wet plate surface, avoid contact with resin or pieces will form the stain processing, avoid inhalation of solvent vapors

4 pieces, after drying plate on the flat surface contact, make its cooling mixer pieces don't touch the resin layer to prevent sunlight or other uv light

2, suppliers to the whole box version of the plate material, in order to maintain the best condition, deposit is as follows:

temperature control: 5 ℃ to 25 ℃, when the temperature is below 10 ℃, the materials are transferred to the plate making room want to place a period of time, stable in order to avoid the exposure machine produce thermal shock effect. Humidity control, avoid excessive moisture ( Moisture less than 60%. Shall be flat, packing box placed way: each pile of no more than 10 boxes of

3), and materials to the finished product from the plate to store rules are as follows:

pure air: well ventilated, clean, no solvent vapors, away from the ozone source temperature control: 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ light irradiation: don't touch each other in pieces dark room plate: have enough air circulation between plate

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