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Carton printing and paper printing

by:WenJie     2020-09-18

shenzhen cardboard-box factory shenzhen carton products are used in many areas, such as our usual cargo or fruits and canned paper box, paper box electrical boxes, and so on. General printing some product information on the carton, carton printing and paper printing technology, then?

carton packaging is the product of protective packaging carton, carton printing & packaging and paper there is a big different, their way of printing, of course, is not the same ah, light is used when printing & packaging ink are different, carton packaging and printing is using a special inks, can adapt to all kinds of bad environment, it is not easy to fall off. method is also different, generally with flat screen printing carton packaging.

there are many different between them, if you want to learn more words, remember oh, consulting the shenzhen a cardboard-box factory can also pay attention to our website updated.

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