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Carton packaging production line of daily maintenance and maintenance

by:WenJie     2020-04-17
production line of daily maintenance and maintenance according to the types of machines, different ways of single machine of its own maintenance are also different, and there are many different kinds of packaging production line, the line maintenance is difficult, which requires the operators have relevant knowledge, at the same time production line at the beginning of the sales and production in business use give guidance. Damaged machines tend to evolve from the initial lack of internal maintenance of the machine and then machine stalled, dysfunctional situation, serious can lead to the entire printing & packaging & packaging production line, therefore, timely maintenance play a decisive role to the life of the machine, packaging production line maintenance will start from single: first is to determine the material into the mouth of health security, discharging mouth, the two parts to regular cleaning, and must be kept dry, besides choosing packaging production line to ensure that its internal machine and material contact part is stainless steel, lest cause material for its rust corrosion; Second is often clean sealing machine heat sealing knife, because here is treated with high temperature, then easy to adhesion of plastic material, often should clean the grain clarity, cutter more quickly; Clean parts include the container for accurate positioning of the electric eye, to ensure accuracy of its positioning. Machine maintenance is relatively complex, because the whole packaging production line is made up by these machines, so the whole maintenance process is long, including electromagnetic valve leakage fault, poor contact of electric cabinet, whether each interface screw loosening, filling each gear pump belong to the scope of maintenance. These are within the scope of the daily maintenance, operators to operate strictly according to the manual, packaging production line of various regularly fastening screw; Timing for each gear seams filling lubricating oil the machine to operate more smoothly and quickly.
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