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Carton packaging manufacturer express transportation packaging requirements

by:WenJie     2020-09-03

it is common in express transport packaging cartons, so we have so many logistics express company use carton packaging is how to? Simple and fast delivery channels is to look for wholesale carton packaging manufacturer. Low price supply security. For now, most of our Courier use the carton packaging materials are provided to retail package use. General brand merchants can directly order shipping carton, because can print advertising on outer box, and relatively positive professional in the whole product image. Of course, some businesses in product sales will ask express company to packing, generally this is a long-term supply relationship. Some mosquito nets, such as chemical products, metal, metal shelves, metal products, etc. , usually does not form a brand product the packing and shipping may take it that way.

carton printing & packaging & packaging manufacturer to express the production of packing is what kind of? What specific requirements? One is to express transportation characteristics are summarized, such as transportation need to compressive strength, resistance to fall off, if in the south of the transportation use requires the main moisture and mildew, the north is paper material choose pay attention to the difference in temperature on the transport. Need low temperature resistant paper material is not easy to split in the process of cold chain. For bearing within 50 kg of material generally choose pit paper carton printing & packaging manufacturers, such as BC pit paper packaging carton, five layer can be used in most of the small home appliance product printing & packaging & packaging. More and more merchants pay attention to packaging, this is because the carton packing up the whole image of the product to a certain extent, the external packaging printing & packaging giving consumers, products and identity. It also has the small home appliance carton packaging manufacturer of color printing carton production is greater than the number of element face of pure color graphic printing kraft paper carton.

the carton packaging manufacturer conclusion reached after more than a few questions, generally express transportation packaging demand is mainly the material of carton mark, performance standards, according to the different stores brand needs to choose a variety of printing way.

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