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Carton packaging is very popular

by:WenJie     2020-09-11

in modern times, with the progress of carton processing and printing & packaging machinery, corrugated carton packaging application scope is more and more wide, not only can packaging machinery parts, electrical components, can also be packing motorcycles, washing machines, refrigerators, piano and so on. Now let cardboard-box factory factory in shenzhen to introduce.

we know that if you want to develop an industry, you must have a competition, and intense competition, people have a sense of anxiety, thinking of innovation, now, with the prosperity of commodity economy, the fierce market competition, promoting the improvement of the quality of product printing & packaging, beautify the packaging has become an important means of marketing and promotional items. Corrugated carton printing quality, but also by commodity producers and consumers more and more attention. has several characteristics, avoid full printing, to avoid the same as the direction of corrugated ribbon graphic: because the printing pressure corrugated crushing, cause carton broken.

these are about the cartons, you know, if you don't understand, you can come to visit shenzhen cardboard-box factory answer, he will give you the most professional explanation.

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