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Carton packaging considerations of choose and buy

by:WenJie     2020-09-17

shenzhen cardboard-box factory manufacturing products used in many industries are good printing & packaging & packaging can make customers feel high-end products, will also be protective. So, at the time of purchasing the carton we should clear understanding of the properties of the cartons, so as not to buy defective carton, now it's time to carefully look at?

the edge of carton compressive strength, the ability of this board is parallel to the direction under pressure, pressure strength, the better, it is to play a protective effect is better. The cartons compressive strength. We want to increase at a constant speed displacement by the force of compression carton, carton can withstand the most strongly value known as the compressive strength, the strength for the same specifications carton, mainly decided by the carton marginal pressure strength.

we should pay attention to the carton content burst strength and puncture strength, compressive strength under the premise of quality standards, such as its thickness is not as thick as possible, it is beautifully printed cartons, feel is good, moderate thickness is better.

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