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Carton packaging colour collocation to properly

by:WenJie     2020-09-11

we actually know that along with the development of science and technology constantly, the use of the cartons have taken the place of the cases, and the price is better than that of wooden cases. We use it, but still need to understand some things, so as to better play its role, today we will follow a cardboard-box factory in shenzhen to get to know.

we in carries on the design, the need to consider various problems, especially about color, hue, lightness, purity of three elements, and harmonious colour woven, contrast intensity, etc. , the use of color in printing & packaging & packaging design in addition to meet the basic requirement of graphic design, and its characteristics. Commodity has the property of their respective is tonal, the representative nature of goods or merchandise image color, make consumers produce similar signals the same cognitive reaction, quickly by color know the contents of the package.

because of manufacturing carton material is wood, in the storage, so we need to pay attention to place the product in a comfortable environment, so that to prolong the life of the product, give us help.

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