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Carton packaging and printing there are several kinds of printing process?

by:WenJie     2020-04-17
In carton packaging and printing process of printing process, especially pay attention to different printing process, production of printed products will be different, the following introduction to some of the color box packaging printing printing process. Gravure: relative to other printing methods, gravure ink product more full of stereo feeling, and rich layers, line is clear, the printing process is suitable for large quantities of color box printing & packaging printing, can be used to print stamp, plastic products, alcohol, tobacco, standard, etc. But by the plate-making technology complex, long cycle and high cost of plate making, is not conducive to environmental protection and a series of factors of intaglio printing use less; Offset printing, offset printing is offset printing, is a kind of planar printing and printing format can be flexible printing & packaging process of change. Not only used for color box packaging printing, can also be used for newspapers, posters, magazines and other paper products printing; Screen printing: screen printing is used in the packaging color box packaging products around us more printing process. Such as the adoption of local UV screen printing technology, printing ink can be formed through adjusting the thickness of the screen, have a good 3 d stereo feeling. In addition, screen printing can also be used for the non-drying label printing. Flexo: common flexo packaging in our life is made of corrugated cardboard carton. Because of using the elastic convex plate so called flexo printing image. Flexo has wide big, the price is low, can realize linkage production, can reduce the carton strength loss in the manufacturing process, etc, but its accuracy is not high, can't print the color box packaging printing precision demand is high. Above are some printing process of color box printing & packaging printing, each kind of printing way of finished product is different, each have each advantage. Packing box manufacturers.
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