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Carton machinery technology analysis

by:WenJie     2020-09-21

shenzhen cardboard-box factory of corrugated carton, corrugated cardboard, corrugated machinery manufacturing of various sizes have the same principle, the way to work the same in common. Belong to the same wave machine, but there are different points, there are differences. These differences is compared commonly, the carton size height difference.

carton mechanical force and sounds between the certain relations. First, shredding changed the change state of power, mechanical load decreased, so the vibration acceleration, a sudden thunder, no visual, in general, ripped up after the first ear were an eye, fainted; The second is according to the mechanical pressure, the pulling force and is normal to respond to sound, the reaction tend to be more subtle, habitually feel. The wheel at the bottom of the pressure is too heavy or spacing is too small mechanical force can slightly change in sound. Voice becomes uneven, carton machinery voice, weight change, debugging can distinguish between the familiar voice. And the third is a defect in its mechanical, voice a deal, of course, this is different from paper breakage or overweight, abnormal sounds tend to be more easy to detect it.

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