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Carton machine, the wing shape spring pieces

by:WenJie     2020-03-31
Carton machine, the wing shape spring leaf function and main characteristics: BLB series machine, is the color printing & packaging paper and bottom paper ( Cardboard, corrugated board) Accurately framed together, framed the paper after smooth, crisp, high precision. Machine, easy to operate, is a manufacturer of high-end color printing & packaging on the industry must have less ideal equipment. The precision of the pasting & plusmn; 0. 25 mm, automatically correct paper into orbit, in her work. Carton machine, laminating precision: processing is conducted by the joint at the bottom of the paper ( The corrugated paper or paperboard) And the surface paper ( Both the color paper) After laminating, on the edge of the specified rules side paper and bottom paper relative distance of maximum range. Its value is commonly & plusmn; 1, the factors influencing the value can be divided into two parts: first, the mechanical part, the second human factors. Machinery parts manufacturers joint principle, basic can meet the requirements, only on the operator proficiency and skill requirements of high and low, Can be strong and the weak operational) Because the market is still a semi-automatic machine. So human factors have a decisive role. On the basis of different models, this requirement is also slightly different.
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