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Carton die-cutting press line is not straight the cause and the solution

by:WenJie     2020-04-18
Press line is not straight at all cardboard-box factory, although this is just a small problem, it will affect the carton forming, that lead to inefficient sticky box. This article will analysis from three aspects how to solve the problem of press line is not straight. What is a die cutting line pressing is not straight? Die cutting line pressing not straight refers to the carton die cutting production line pressing inaccurate askew phenomenon appeared. Die cutting line pressing in straight 2 big harm to 1. The carton not straight line pressing the biggest impact is forming, especially small carton; 2. Lead to stick box inefficiency, after rejection rate increased; The two big harm both affect the production efficiency, and affect the production quality. Die cutting line pressing in straight three key die cut not straight line pressing mainly die cutting pressure and die cutting materials don't match, relatively to the mold factory inspection and request this piece is basically a blank, the following to analyze the cause of press line is not straight and solution: 1. Pressure bars anti-embrittlement cut thin problem analysis: carton die-cutting version to undertake choosing according to the type of cardboard template, such as the three layers of cardboard to 18 mm die cutting plate thickness, and five layer board thickness is 15 mm. The die cutting plate thickness is 23. 8 mm, such as we need the die cutting three layers of cardboard, and choose to use 15 mm template, then pressure bars is higher, when in the die cutting die cutting production by extrusion, the pressure bars can produce skewed, lead to die cutting line pressing is not straight, same location changes. Solution: according to different type stare blankly choose different die cutting plate thickness. 2. In sponge too close to line pressing problem analysis: a lot of die cutting captain like stick sponge on the edge of the pressure bars, almost no gap, it is a myth, when close to the line pressing too close, sponge after die cutting pressure under pressure, sponge will give in to pressure bars extrusion, the passage of time pressure bars have loose lead to press line is not straight. Solution: install in the conventional sponge should wire more than 2 mm. 3. Mold making bad problem analysis: mold production line pressing when the position is not straight, lead to production is not straight, will also appear when the second die cutting plate production line pressing bar fixed tighten enough, such as installing line pressing of the notch is too large or too tight will affect the line pressing effect. Solution: select excellent manufacture mold. Editorial die-cutting press line is not straight must need more to check the mold condition and wear conditions of a plate or optimal force glue cushion, proper adjustment, in the carton line pressing founder so appearance also can get guarantee, at the same time can improve the process after the production efficiency and quality.
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