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Carton custom: counting those shocking packaging in their lives

by:WenJie     2020-09-01

the development of The Times change, as people's attention more and more dispersed, so for we wrap custom, will be more and more refined. Therefore, our packaging has become ubiquitous in daily life. If you have fine taste some product packaging are worthy of our collection. Of course, have a good packaging is refreshing, in the face of shocking packaging we went quite speechless.

on August 5th, for example, shenzhen metro women car ads & other; Mom, I want to marry you when I grew up & throughout; “ Dad, I want to marry you when I grew up & throughout; Triggered heated debate on the Internet. Then we realized that the AD for a technical school in shenzhen, today in the subway stop the ads will be removed after operation. It is understood that the purpose of advertising is children.

in fact in our life such a shocking event and many, outside the packing of the cases of shocking custom printing & packaging and packaging industry. Some fake packaging is hard to look. Let's give me show you several cases:

this summer, in comparison to those who are afraid of hot, may be need to drink some herbal tea, so buy herbal tea we must pay attention to the summer SangJu brand name, logo, advertising, etc. , let a person silly points not clear. If you still think summer SangJu will have the same manufacturer production, it would be wrong, the product printing & packaging & packaging is too like! In order not to let you all dear friends regret, shopping later want what eyes!

we also have a net friend found a similar situation before: diao card washing powder vs weeks living card washing powder, although look not to come out is three words on the package, but is in fact & other; Weeks to live & throughout; Not & other; Carving & throughout; Written after everyone will think it is the two brands, the difference is very big, look at the pictures on the package, look at the past, don't watch carefully is not found the two words! If there was some brand or customize box packaging, put in front of you, you don't have a good difference, until it was a long time before identified to regret! See if your home has such quickly!

more shocking express carton printing & packaging, to share, too.

package into this appearance, want to circle the world all know!

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