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Cardboard-box factory manufacturing steps

by:WenJie     2020-09-22

shenzhen cardboard-box factory produces the product occupies an important position in our life, we have to carefully look at today, what is the nature of the it?

we know that the products of the factory is more, the kinds of corrugated carton is to pay attention to matters such as the remanufacturing, agent is a kind of wax emulsion, solid content is commonly: 48% ~ 51%, the biggest characteristic of it is about 30 times when use the available water dilute, then coated on is taking shape of corrugated paper board face, after about 150 ℃ temperature drying, the paper surface fiber due to the parcel of vinegar, and low surface tension, form a layer of water infiltration. When the water, the water don't infiltrate on this board, forming droplets fell, so as to achieve waterproof effect.

shenzhen cardboard-box factory introduced to wax on paper fibers of adhesion is not good, especially when the dilution water pull after 30 times, the solid content is only 1. 5 ~, the paper surface fiber is only a thin layer of wax package.

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