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Businesses how to choose a good printing

by:WenJie     2020-04-08

the good and bad are intermingled of market of current sample printing, the businessman in choosing a printing factory, can start from the following three factors, comprehensive consideration choice:

a, see equipment

good equipment is the essential elements for sample full point printing. At present domestic better printing & packaging plant, such as grain Howe, used mainly imported printing equipment are Germany Heidelberg series. Its printing precision is high, quality is stable. And some small printing plant due to the limited funding, often use nissan and even domestic small printing equipment, printing cycle is long, not only and printing quality is difficult to guarantee.

2, see

printing technology, especially the color prepress technology management, is to ensure that the printing product design draft is completely consistent with the key point. Good printing enterprise generally USES the modernization of the ICC color management technology, the computer operating system based on the color management system can make use of color characteristics description file ( ICCprofile) As the basis of color conversion, as long as any input or output devices to support this format, you can accurately color conversion between. This also means that from create or color image capture to the final image output, performs color conversion is a systematic way. From one device to another device in the transformation process, From the computer to the printer, or from the sample to the printer) As far as possible, the color management system can maintain and optimize the color fidelity, eventually achieve the wysiwyg & throughout; Goals, to avoid similar case happen again in this case.

3, see

good printing quality also depends on the printing enterprise with rich experience and skilled technical workers. For local small plant due to long-term class low printing prints, often difficult to make industrial samples of extremely high quality requirements; And grain type of large enterprises long-term for the domestic and international giant sample printing work, in the paper, process, process assurance have rich experience, is a trustworthy partner.

comprehensive above factors, we see not hard, sample printing quality and their own interests, and only from the printing enterprise equipment, technology and experience in three aspects: cengcengbaguan, eliminate blind pursuit of low price point of view, to avoid this case in the case of happening again, make real sample enterprise product value, to create a powerful way of economic benefits.

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