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Bump what are the types of embossing

by:WenJie     2020-08-28

concave-convex embossing post-press processing technology is to use one of the highest frequency technology, combining with the paper material can improve the printing & packaging effect, clever let printing picture more vivid. In order to achieve the printing effect, concave-convex embossing also has a lot of presents.

element hit convex

element hit convex, also known as convex, according to the English original intention, & other; 盲目的压花” Refers to the strike of similar braille printing convex technology, namely the convex area without using any of the printing ink and hot stamping foil material, with only a simple hit convex process in paper or material surface graphics, process effect. Hit convex process in paper and material left on the surface of delicate, neat and clean graphics, give a person with very unique impression.

of inscription convex

of inscription convex refers to print after four color printing ink printing or hot stamping processing, specially leave blank area, the area after blow convex technology makes the design frame to complete performance, and compared with other color print area graphical form a perfect combination, convex has strict requirements on technology of inscription, whether the template size precision and alignment stamping is the key factor. Different template pattern, of Ming convex can be single or multi-layer effect change.

canvas convex

this is a combination of four color printing & packaging and such as pearl paint, oil or bring some crayons polishing after the gold foil stamping, using the embossment effect of concave and convex template, by local hit convex stereoscopic effect similar to classical oil painting, called canvas convex, require multiple technology complement each other, rendering graphics exquisite and accurate. Multiple convex

more blow convex template usually adopt laser engraving copper plate, in the thickness of the paper, toughness and surface tension permission, more blow convex can be make it is concave and convex one template, dimple can enhance your artistic effect, the effect of low and high drop even can reach more than 3 mm.

hot blow convex

choose proper materials and appropriate heating is hot blow convex two elements, to draw the outline of the line of graphics and made into a template, when hot pressure machine heating to a suitable temperature, template on the contact surface will be a minor burn paper, form the line pressure at the same time in the paper to leave a mark on the surface of micro convex in the middle of four and artistic effect.


as the name implies, bronzing convex refers to use the same template, hot stamping and a complete hit convex, in hot stamping electrochemical aluminum technology terms. This process is called the stereo bronzing. Bronzing convex template generally choose brass material, so that we can improve the accuracy of stamping and hit convex, in addition, the printing material must also conform to the requirements of the hot stamping and hit convex physics.

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