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Building underground logistics transport packaging system is workable?

by:WenJie     2020-09-07

from last year to now, logistics transport printing & packaging & packaging industry hotspot more interesting things in where? In small make up think it is the embodiment of an electrical contractor logistics transportation reform, from last November announced the ground logistics underground start caused widespread concern. This is specific how to operate?

the current electricity dealer market competition is intense, in order to occupy a larger market continued to expand, the reform on the basis of the original one aspect is very feasible. Based on the ground logistics transportation congestion, busy will be ground into underground is a feasible plan. About is in this process, logistics hub in the us will receive good express them in logistics transport printing & packaging capsule, can through underground pipelines to each district offices, and sent to customers by robots. This can be very good avoid ground traffic congestion, save transportation time.

although some electricity hasn't announced specific implementation process of underground transportation technology and progress, but the move is part of people's identity, the logistics transport printing & packaging is a powerful and unconstrained style imagination? Currently our 5 g era has come, the AI technology mature, so perfect underground logistics is a practical project, relative to the establishment of the underground transportation process, also there are technical problems and to overcome various difficulties, difficulty is very big also.

there are a part of the very much looking forward to the completion of the underground logistics. Because for go out forget east, west, home after the didn't buy into that didn't buy to the people who is in Hong Kong. No matter what can receive orders at home the next day, it is not too good.

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