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Brand customers choose page printing

by:WenJie     2020-08-31

compared with page printing and printing, lower the cost of the finished product on does not have obvious difference, but there are still more brand customers can choose page printing, one of the important reasons is that the printed page can be a very good control of each batch of finished product color difference. Of printing, though at a single or a few of the product in the color difference is not obvious, but as far as it is easy to find differences in batches in a batch.

page printing & packaging is a kind of computer printing product, a separate plate, the selection of the targeted paper box, ink features exquisite printed products, color stability is high, the size of the print out basic no error. But the printing is, together with other orders, will not adjust the printing set up separately, so under the different colors and calibration, our printing color will have difference.

page printing to reduce the error, so the quality of us version is better, but the cost is higher. Generally low consumption products when customers choose packing basic are difficult to accept this price. Relative to have brand molding and market products, in the high school class may choose page printing, relative to the price, quality or it is a consumer orientation.

page printing and edition is the main difference is that three points: machinery and equipment, color calibration, and the client. General designer for their own printing equipment factory is very familiar with. Therefore, in the design process will be selected according to their own devices to provide solutions. To avoid product error, if you don't need a professional design, so design can provide the original file to the factory, then through the color value of the original file, the color difference is not big. If there is no file, only the sample, you will need to pass pantone matching, or the corresponding equipment for testing. This kind of situation can only as far as possible to meet customer demand, can't do it very fine.

if it is design to identify the color difference caused by the computer display, in order to avoid problems, will invite customers to factory to see color, important or on this side of the printing color proofing, after a lot of contrast and confirm the color number in order to achieve the effect of the customer. If is the problem on the equipment, then more is through the proofing confirmed many times. This part of the work basically all need professional printing master calibrated adjustment to the equipment.

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