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Both the difference of the paper color box color box production

by:WenJie     2020-09-04

for corrugated box color box manufacturers, and paper source manufacturers of good relationship is very necessary. To a large extent the quality of the paper is to determine the quality of the carton, in most cases, our paper material is an important factors affecting the quality of the product printing & packaging. Is the quality of paper plays the key role. For the use of paper is one of them.

the color box color box customized enterprise why not store huge amounts of paper source, one is one of the characteristics of paper material, one is the storage conditions, moreover is limited resources and the uncertainty of customer material. For custom color box color box production enterprise, the most is an afterthought to the client order paper material procurement, in the printing & packaging & packaging process box size and so on parameters of customer to choose paper material will be after has reference and quality assurance. For packaging and printing industry familiar with the source of customers may also specify a brand of paper. Professional manufacturer can not only meet the needs of customers, but also on the basis of the original paper material for performance test of a more precise and flexible use. To ensure the qualities of our packaging products far exceeds the customer standards.

use what kind of paper is through selective and contrast, for example, the paper of different materials with different features, such as: surface glossy and matte coated paper/dumb powder paper, art paper and so on various has its characteristics. There are different function parameters. Both sides paper positive and negative points, there are different. Generally positive is more smooth, tight, another side to the net surface. Reverse side is coarser, osteoporosis. Because is in the process of forming and contact with the surface form screen printing & packaging, so just called negative net surface.

both the front and the different is influential for printing, if use reverse printing, relative to the positive side, you will have short-tempered, so the color box color box production quality of the finished product, there may be a problem. Positive high smoothness, ink on the effect is good, but the reverse surface strength is low, so is also likely to have hair phenomenon in printing & packaging.

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