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Black and cover box how to design?

by:WenJie     2020-09-05

to cover box is often used in black box printing & packaging & packaging, jewelry packaging, gift box packaging, etc. Commonly used in the design of shoe is contracted, used in jewelry design is more gorgeous. Black cardboard made the heavens and the earth cover the surface of the box if the hot stamping silver pressed process, then will look more better. Because black is single, so will appear on the design and composed some. Class is high, so the printing & packaging & packaging of goods are afford to pay the price. More men supplies will adopt this kind of packing. For example, men's clothing, clothes, accessories, etc. There are quite a part of the appliance packaging will also use black design. Moreover is black liquor packaging will use to make gift box. Stainless steel tableware, coffee, food, arts and crafts will be adopted. Black to make gift box printing & packaging use or more.

black cover box made heaven and earth is exquisite, the black cardboard paper strength thick, folding degree good, surface level off is smooth, good tensile, burst degrees higher, the thickness of the common g - 120 350 grams of black cardboard inside and outside is black, so it is difficult to printing & packaging color design, we also very rare to black and other color collocation of design. It is suitable for hot stamping, silver pressed, UV, etc. Especially the silver hot stamping process. As long as the pattern design, such as when, texture to a moment can embody the packaging.

as the product box manufacturers increasingly fierce competition, the design of the black cover box size, surface process, such as pattern more as consumer needs and habits change constantly. So need more attention to the consumer for design use convenience, comfort, fit. to provide more diversified choices as well as consumers to use experience to consider different size packaging scheme.

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