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Biscuit packaging carton order helps to improve product sales

by:WenJie     2020-08-30
Carton customized paper-based materials is one of the common material in the biscuit packaging, actually a lot of biscuit manufacturers would choose plastic bags or plastic packing box, this is because the plastic packaging has a good waterproof box of leakage characteristics, but also have a larger problem, the whole plastic packaging will undoubtedly have great environmental pollution, as well as recycling of small, is not conducive to sustainable development. Moreover, consumers focus on health and safety of now, then would be friendly to paper packaging in some degree. Choose carton customized manufacturer a is for food safety, one is in order to get more products on the basis of the original sales. Therefore, the combination of more businesses within the package and outsourcing carton for plastic bags. Good packaging outer can improve the level of our products and sales.

cookies printing & packaging material is varied, different industries, different products need cartons are not the same, if it is a food box, should be better than other companies pay attention to the design and packaging material, so the factory or cartons commonly custom-built. Such as a food company in shenzhen packaging for its biscuits products packaging customization cartons, and offers relevant product parameters. According to customer demand, packaging design team to understand clearly the cookies taste, characteristics and target groups, the customer provide their own di on the premise of a layer of printing & packaging, we provide customers with outer packing carton customized service. Through the color printing surface packaging sample to the customer of the production process, after being confirmed good sample, we arrange the mass production immediately. Color printing & packaging production of biscuit boxes in bright color, good quality, sell in the holiday season, compared with the old packaging more customers favorite.

replace a good product packaging for food factory to get more sales, and did not cost too much. Didn't spend a lot of time and energy. For us to harvest is a good partner grow up together. To provide you with 7 big packing in carton customized security: 1. Material: the brand of paper, paper box custom fine and reliable; 2. Trimming: we have experienced master production and processing, seiko spy, the products are more formal and tidy; 3. Sticky box: cardboard joining together solid joint; 4. Appearance: format delicate and bright color, edge neat incision and agile; 5. : through advanced equipment for your printed pattern of professional standards, 6. Technology: the process of environmental protection, green environmental protection; 7. Shipment: professional coordination order production management to ensure product delivery on time;
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